It’s been toasty here in the shady backyard of our shack in the Mojave. This causes some worry that it will just be too much for some our guests at our wedding in Joshua Tree. It’s also hopeful though, because heat waves like this are often followed by cooler spells. Ann asked me as we lounged by the swamp cooler, “I wonder where the birds go to stay cool?”

3 responses to “HOT”

  1. yeah, it’s too hot for me. i can’t make it. sorry.

    the reality iz people are in for something new if they haven’t been in the Mojave in the summer.. in the HOTTEST PART OF THE SUMMER.
    a withering sun with scorching temps…

    dylan, i WILL BE SWILLING BEEEEER THE ENTIRE TIME. i will keep my mouth shut, except when i am guzzling.
    drinking, but NOT drunk.


    that’s funny. all yer guests are there, but you aren’t. yer back in the HO tell room swilling beer with anne. i love it!

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