Not Climbing

Ann called me last night and asked me if I’d like a visit – of course I said yes – and she was already in the driveway! Tricksy girl. She’s made the day special and distracted me from the fact that I need to continue resting my ankle and abstaining from climbing. She wants to climb also, and it will be a test of my self-discipline if I can take her climbing tomorrow and not rope up myself. I want to so badly.

The boys are starting their journey to the East Butress of Whitney and we are having a quiet day. My first in a while, and I realize there are acutally lots of quiet things I want to do. Play the piano, work on the blog, work on the shack, etc. I even went in to the office and got some substantial things done in a couple of hours. So staying off the ankle isn’t so bad. (repeat until convinced)

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