Tenosynovitis & dislocating tendon

This is the official diagnosis of my ankle after an ultrasound examination by my new podiatrist, Dr. Horn. Tenosynovitis is irritation and swelling of the sheath around tendons. I need to take anti-inflammatory drugs and rest the ankle for three weeks minimum, then ease back into activities. The dislocating tendon will continue to move around. If it continues to cause the Tenosynovitis, surgery is the only possible permanent fix.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I’ve been healthy for so long, it seems like I should be able to handle some downtime. But I know it will be hard not to climb. Very hard. There might be a lot more movie reviews coming to the blog…

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  1. you should respond to my views more! that’s prolly why you got the tendon injury.

    here’s the BAD thing: you shouldn’t even hike with that condition.

    leave it alone. surgery will NOT heal this injury. i mean, the shoulder is complicated, has like 20 bones in it. the FOOT is the fukkkking MATRIX! it has like 70,000 bones in it. it has “floating bones”. you do NOT want surgery down there. believe me, cutting won’t cure a tendon (unless it is detached). there is NO permanent fix to something living.. only death.

    i am learning to deal with these injuries. they are crazy. know yer injury. do not succumb to it.
    use a brace
    HOT/COLD… you are luck there, the foot is EASY to heat and cool (where an elbow or shoulder is much more difficult).
    go to Big 5 and get it goin’!
    actually, you need to go Rite-Aid as well. they have different SOFT packs (for freezing, i do not use them for heat.. you can). they come in different deals that attach via velcro.
    go all the way with this and get it quick.


  2. I do have a detached tendon – that’s the “dislocating” part. The ligament isn’t holding it where it should be. So it snaps around. That is not the tendon with the Tenosynovitis, though, it’s the next one up. Doc said it may be irritating the others, and that there’s some danger it might eventually rupture.

    Word on the ice packs. I’m goin…

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