Wagon Wheel


Had a nice bouldering session with Ted near the Big Loaf today. Did some long, slow traverses to warm up. The temperature was perfect, a little windy, but good. I felt good for a while, then as I landed a few times my ankle started to hurt again. Soon I realized it wasn’t ready for serious bouldering yet, and had to stop. Now I’m icing again, planning to give it a little time off. Luckily I have wedding plans to distract me from the ever-present temptation of Wagon Wheel….

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  1. dylan did NOT tell me his foot was faded. we don’t spot eachother since the other guy is taking pics.
    yeah, dylan took some big falls, luckily they were good falls on 2 mats. still, if yer ankled is tweakered, NOT good to boulder.

    i was kinda hurtin my shoulder (my ‘good’ shoulder) and elbow (chronic tendonitis) yesterday. i hung in there ’til i got this variation that dylan was workin’. then i was DONE!
    finished my Mojave Gold beer (thank you dylan) and left.

    agreed on the nice day thing. it was WINDY. oh wellllllllllllll, it keeps the gaperz away.

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