Surpise Symphony (5.8 ) on Moon Dome

Ann and I did our (and my) most adventurous route yet this weekend:

Surprise Symphony (5.8 )

The route is highlighted with a dot between each pitch. The trees are so big that you don’t get a correct sense of scale – the end of the first pitch is about 180 feet up! Because of the 10 mile approach it doesn’t get climbed often, and between the sweet clean spots one is confronted with bushes, wet moss, and flaky lichen. There is even a nasty offwidth section at the end of the 2nd pitch. Still, I can’t complain about this route. The good sections are really good, and it was in such a beautiful, secluded place. Both of us were challenged, thrilled, intimidated, and exhausted by it. It has all the makings for one of those stories that gets better with every telling…

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