help with movie script

I have a movie script idea, but I need some help with it.

A cop is fighting a violent, loose-knit syndicate. He decides that he will do whatever it takes to succeed where all others have failed. The big fish in the syndicate are too well connected to be vulnerable to attack, so he picks a smaller boss who is not well liked but survives through pure viciousness. The cop trumps up some charges against the guy, raids his club and takes him out. No one liked the boss well enough to complain too loudly about the cop’s lack of evidence and strongarm tactics, and many on his turf are relieved to be free of the schmuck. So it is a big win for the cop, he’s promoted, he has control of the minor boss’ operation, and he gains clout in his district.

Here’s where I need help. What does he do now? There will be competitors scrabbling for control of a profitable operation. Does he run it himself? Give it up to another boss to make a temporary ally? Does he now take aim at the better organized bosses, using the same approach? Just try to hold onto his gains as long he can? Attempt to legitimize the operation and bargain with the other guys?

There could be a lot of different outcomes. All-out gang war, a fight in the courts, or maybe just a settling back down to an equilibrium similar to how things started. I can’t decide.

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