hobo values

Much can be gleaned from the simple definition of a hobo as ‘a traveling worker’. First, a hobo might travel in order to work, work in order to travel, or more likely do some of both as the situation requires. Either way, the fact that a hobo does both reveals something about hobo values.

There are ways to travel without working. The fact that hobos work suggests that they have a desire to create something useful, whether it be a sandwich, a clean dish, or a piece of software. So hobos must value their own creative powers, and also those they provide utility for.

There are also ways to work without traveling. The fact that hobos travel suggests an appreciation of the wide world, and of the ability to go where they will in it. Clearly hobos value freedom.

To me, these values offer a path to a life of wonder, appreciation, and contribution to the world. The choice to travel and work reflects a respect for one’s self and others. It also marks a rejection of exploitation, thievery, and other undesirable values. I am proud to call myself a hobo.

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