Wagon Wheel

Slept out again, this time managed to get up early. Did some of the same problems I hit with Rich on Friday so Ted could nail them. Rich got the funny dish problem this time, and pulled on that crazy sloper finger hold again. Me and Ted are nowhere close to getting that one. We all got my favorite slab, and the harder left route on the Mohawk. I popped for the left hook this time and got, dangle for a second, and finished. We went down to the area due north of the front. I messed around on a waist-high flake, but couldn’t quite get on it. Then we hit an arete/traverse that’s solid but disconcerting, and moved onto a face Rich pegged at 5.13. Theres a shallow knob about 10 feet up, and I got so I could put my right foot on a tiny edge and reach the knob w/ my left. Everyone was disgusted. I couldn’t quite crank on it, but I think eventually I will get up this one.

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