Day 225

Pasadena, CA to Malibu, CA

I wake up early. Jeanette and Rohanna are both dead to the world. I discover that if I try to open the front door an alarm goes off, then stops when I close it again. Finally I get out, shut the door as fast as I can, and hope for the best.

I take a much more sane route back to Pasadena in the truck, before the morning rush. Dan welcomes me back and no questions are asked about how my night went. We spend the morning on breakfast, and I’m able to get photos of everyone before packing up to go. As I leave Brooke gives me a sticker for my bike. Not to be outdone, Jenny finds a little Nepal patch for me. Jon and Claire give me a student Bible they have purchased for me based on our conversation. I imagine I’ll get some use out of it, one way or another. Finally it is time to ride off down the driveway.

It’s a long ride through LA. I do much of it on Sunset Blvd, then improvise my way to the coast from the UCLA campus. Still craving sugar, I wait out a short rain shower in a Baskin Robbins.

Santa Monica

From Santa Monica there’s a bike trail for a good ways, then wide shoulder on Highway 1. The city gives way to outlying neighborhoods and surfing spots.

Beach Tree

At one of the state park beaches I find a secluded spot to camp under a giant maple tree. Feeling lonely I call Camella, and then, nervously, Ann. Wes picks up the phone and I manage to chat a bit with him before he puts Ann on. We don’t have much to talk about, but her voice soothes me. When I hang up I feel I can get to sleep now.

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