Day 207

I enjoy more talking and helping to put food together. Vera has a big dinner going: broccoli bake, acorn squash, apple sauce, fresh cranberry bread, asparagus, and a Black Toad beer.

We watch a movie and I help figure out their TV and VCR. It’s ridiculously complicated. We laugh. I hope it doesn’t scare them out of watching movies. It’s a sign of the direction technology is taking. Devices now do so much stuff that people can’t use them to do something simple.

Ann has written back. Her spring break is the second week of March. She wants to meet, mentioning Santa Cruz, where her family has a cabin. My current plans have me returning to Wyoming with Mom and Dad that week. I mull over the possibilities.

Before bed I read Uncle Bernhard’s accounts of his visits to America. They’re hilarious and pointed. He makes fun of George’s ego. American coffee. His own hangovers. He makes a point of mentioning Aunt Mary with a hint of disapproval of her treatment. He brings out issues indirectly. I need a copy of these to look at more carefully.

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