Day 198

In the morning Ann makes me tea and toast and I read in bed for an hour while Wes sleeps. I find this extremely pleasant. Wes makes his breakfast, then Ann and I do a miserable job of frying eggs for ourselves. We eat them with the pumpkin waffles Bill sent with me while Wes gets ready to go skiing.

I spend the morning making a long overdue web post while Ann goes about her life. She gives me a ride to an outdoor store where I look at expensive rain gear. I decide to try re-waterproofing my current gear instead.

I walk by the bread shop where Ann asked me to pick up a loaf. It’s comfortable there, so I have a snack and make phone calls. I meet Ann back at her house and we take her dog Jezze for a walk above town.

My appreciation of Wes grows again when he cooks a tasty Thai dinner for us. Now and then when I make eye contact with him I feel like something might be going on, but I’m not sure what. Otherwise I’m unable to read him.

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