Day 172

Prarie Rhonde, LA to Bon Weir, TX
10128 mi

I find my map is gone in the morning – must have lost it yesterday. I’m on my own to Navasota. I talk to some folks in Mamou where I eat a greasy breakfast. The cajun accent is great. When I tell an old guy in camoflauge how far I’ve come he squeals, oooooo-weeeee!

The terrain becomes more hills and pine forest. It’s a small road most of the way to Deridder, nice riding. Then I’m on 190 again.


I push on to Merryville, then over the border to Bon Weir, Texas! The pine forest is everywhere and I have no problem finding a spot to camp. I feast on a peanut butter, cream cheese, and banana sandwich while I read beneath a tree.

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