Day 171

Baton Rouge, LA to Prarie Rhonde, LA
10025 mi

I feel much better, even though I have to start the day in my rain gear. I can now think back fondly on New Orleans, whereas yesterday I was too tired and depressed.

I ride 190. The bridge over the big muddy is a bit narrow, but otherwise the road is good. Lots of hardwoods are around now. Sometimes the road is raised for miles, up over swamp and flood areas I guess.

In Opelousas I look for food. Nothing but meat, so I try a little local place. Mediocre, but cheap. The library is nice so I make a report, but am cut short by the librarian.

Farm Dinosaurs

Back onto the bike route, I head out into Louisiana ranch land. It’s kind of a sweet, lonesome feeling riding out among the rice fields and pastures by myself. I think I’ll never find a camp spot, but one shows up – some pine trees along a bend in the road.

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