Day 165

Havana, FL to Argyle, FL
9558 mi

There’s all kinds of action nearby when I wake up. Road construction, school buses stopping, commuters whizzing by. None of them can see me though, so I just leisurely pack up and go.

I ride like mad to Chattahoochee. There I stop for a quick charge of chocolate milk and check out the view over Lake Seminole. The lady here loves my bike and we talk about it for a while. It looks like fall again up here. The trees along the lake rustle with fall colors.

Mostly good road and a surprising tailwind help me really sail to Marianna. I have lunch there and debate whether or not to ride 6 miles out of my way to see the Florida Caverns. I know I should, but I just don’t feel like it.


90 flies through a series of hole-in-the-wall towns: Cottondale, Chipley, Bonifay, Caryville, Westville. I start thinking I may make it to DeFuniak Springs, and that I’ll get a room there if I do. I don’t know why I’m suddenly desiring a room. I should save my money in case I really need one, but I decide to get one anyway. Outside Argyle, however, the road climbs a hill with a great view of the surrounding ranches and tree farms. I ride off on a logging road to take a photo, and find a good camp spot.

As the sun goes down, that magical, tingly, fully alive and aware feeling pervades me. I’m happy.

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