Day 161

Sarasota, FL to Brooksville, FL
9190 mi

I get up and have oatmeal again with Susan and Jason. We forgot to take any pictures, so we get a few last-minute shots. None with Paul, unfortunately.

I ride north on smaller roads. At first I ride through nice flowing fields, then I hit strip again. It’s like this until just south of Tampa, where it becomes glade-like industrial wasteland. I’ve worked up a good appetite and stop for lunch in Tampa.

I think I must be riding the ugliest possible route through Tampa. It reminds me of North Broadway in Chicago, big wide streets full of litter and rundown buildings. Slowly the strip gives out as I continue northward. By Land’O’Lakes it’s looking pretty nice again, flat Florida pineland. I even hit a small hill, a nice new variation. Eventually the perfect forest campsite falls in my lap north of Brookesville. Tomorrow I begin heading back West, toward San Diego!

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