Day 154

Boca Raton, FL to Metro Park, FL
8814 mi

I read until 8 waiting for Aunt Lou to get up. In the silence I start to consider what I would do if she died during the night, but then she emerges. Just doing her morning devotionals, she says. We have a quick breakfast, then I pack up and go. I take Nerissa’s phone as it seems to make Aunt Lou nervous. I give her a big hug goodbye, and she gives me an envelope, which I tuck away.


It’s not hard getting around Miami, I just weave my way through surburbia. I only have to turn around once. All my cravings are answered by a Taco Bell and Dairy Queen before I leave civilization and head for highway 27. It gets rural fast as I go west, and 27 is really Everglades country. Nothing but swampgrass and mangrove trees out here. I ask the universe for a decent place to camp. Late in the afternoon a campground appears. I just ride in and set up. Then sun sets gray and gold, and no one asks me for any money.

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