Day 140

Today Grandma gives me the car keys so I can run errands. I eat breakfast in my room, shop for books, then hit the library. The web site is still down, no reply from Rick or Nathan.

Grandma serves a nice lunch and Grandpa plays the piano for me. I’ll never forget the image of him there at the white baby grand, a little stooped but absorbed in the music, sunlight in his white hair, Dewey and Tini’s art all around him.

I draw on maps through the afternooon, and make phone calls to arrange visits. We go to the dining room for dinner. Each time we do this, I am introduced to ten or twenty new aquaintances. Grandma tells all of them to come tisten to me tell stories on Saturday night. She has also put up a sign in a major thoroughfare near the dining room.

After dinner we pile in the car and see Wes Craven’s new movie, Music of the Heart. This is certainly the only Wes Craven movie I will ever enjoy with my grandparents. We discuss it on the way home amidst the usual anxiousness of Grandpa in the car.

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