Day 125

Lisa’s boyfriend reported last night that he wouldn’t be back to go to the ballet with her tonight, so I agree to go in his place. I’ve never seen a ballet. Lis has to leave early today. I take the opportunity to indulge in some pure, raw LAZINESS. I make myself some colon-blow, surf the net, read, write, take a nap. BEAUTIFUL.

A bike ride is needed to get the heart beating again. I ride a few miles ot the grocery store, shop, snack, return, and make dinner for Lis. I have have candles lit and table set when she walks through the door. We eat and take off for the ballet. I’m impressed with Yahoo’s driving directions.

It’s not too highbrow, but I’m definitely the oddball here in my convertible pants and shirt. Lisa’s friends don’t know what the hell to make of me. I get wished happy birthday a few times.

The show is strange – four individual, disjoint performances. The first is Samuel Barber. There are two traditional and two modern dancers on the stage. They weave and oscillate like Man and Nature, Love and Desire, Mind and Heart. I like it very much. Next comes a series of Baroque and Renaissance dances which I hate. With no dynamics, they seem an endless, frivolous waste of the tremendous energy and talent of the dancers. Then comes a lukewarm Tchaikowsky Pas de Duex. It’s emotionless, despite the music, and very short. It has an awkward moment when the music climaxes and the dancers are just standing there. It fizzles. Last is a very dark, satirical, gaudy performance to Stravinsky. It’s facinating, but I can’t quite recover from the prior two dances. We leave feeling a little disappointed. A cup of coffee and some honest, warm conversation put things right. I sleep contented, feeling I’ve spoken my heart and come closer to Lis.

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