Day 120

I get up and make myself breakfast, as I was instructed. I have cereal, donuts, and a bagel with cream cheese. I feel a little awkward, mostly due to Robert who is too busy to really acknowledge my presence. I’m more at ease around Linda and Jonathan.

At Bridgewater College library I pore through old yearbooks and school papers looking for goods on Gustav Enss. I find he taught here as the sole German and Philosophy professor from 1947 to 1956. For two years he revived the German Club, then switched to become the debate team coach, leading Bridgewater College to win an unprecedented state championship. After two years of that, he seems to have given up extracurricular activities. Amy Enss is in some of the yearbooks as a German instructor. No mention of why they left. I think it was due to Gustav’s poor health.

Bridgewater Enss Home

Linda makes sure I have a couple of sandwiches for lunch. Robert finally finds a free minute and gives me a quick tour around town. We go by the house Fred remembers visiting the Enss family in, the North River, Dry River, and the retirement community. He seems pleased to be able to give me a brief history of the Church of the Brethren. They begin in Germany in 1708, with many similarities to Mennonites, differing on points like the importance of immersion in baptism. Not wanting their church named after one person in the founding group, they drew straws to choose the first to be baptised, and kept the proceedings secret.

Robert leaves soon after to give a series of sermons he’s been working on. I take Linda and Jonathan out for Chinese food. Jon takes off for a Halloween party, and Linda and I get into a quite animated conversation about growing up, school, history, and literature. Finally my eyes droop, and I head up to bed.

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