Day 97

Kittery Point, ME to Dunstable, MA
$16 :: mocha, lunch, dinner
77.98 mi :: 6.27 hr :: 31.5 mph :: 12.0 mph :: 6461 mi

Portsmouth is a nice town – attractive and stylish (including the women). I have a delicious mocha and a guy comes up with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. At 8 months old, many of his features already mirrored Dinger’s. Maybe Dinger was a Ridgeback!

I get doused, and lost at the same time in a maze of residential roads with names like Candy Lane, caramel Rd, Lollipop Way. I find my way, very wet, and occupty myself with Shakespearean fantasies. As if in honor of the bard, the sun comes out as I reach Derry.

I try to get online to no avail. Locals only here.

Roads are busy into Massachusetts. Tired of the traffic by Danstable, a couple of guys tell me where to find a field to camp in. I reach it after sundown.

2 responses to “Day 97”

  1. Me too! This is as much as I have transcribed from the original, tattered notebooks.
    Unless things go far too smoothly in the coming month, I won’t have time to even think
    about finishing until after the CDT hike.

    I’m flattered you found these interesting enough to read them all! Any constructive
    criticism for future revisions?

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