Day 84

Middlebury, VT

A priceless day with my Aunt Julie. She cooked me eggs-in-a-hole, which I had never had. We walked the nature trail around their property in the rain, storm debris and blowdowns strewn everywhere. The rain and wind continued through the day. The power was out in the entire region, so we lit candles, made a fire, and found batteries for a little radio. I was supposed to do a show for Dewey’s school, but school was cancelled so we had the day to talk. She really charmed me. As we talked by the fire I got her take on my grandparents, her childhood, her marriages, her struggles and growth in life. And her husband Frank’s story of growing up as an orphan in a monastery. She is in a period of transition as well, building up the courage to leave her lifelong career of teaching piano. I’ll watch with interest. In the evening I meet Frank, tired from his commute, a strong presence, but distant. The power comes back on when he arrives.

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