Day 78

Sodus Pt, NY to Mexico, NY
$36 :: BF, tacos, grocs, ice cream, movie!
67.44 mi :: 5.36 hr :: 35 mph :: 12.0 mph :: 5430 mi

A gloriously lazy day. Winds from the NW provided more help than hindrance, a few steep hills, many stops.

After breakfast in Wolcott, explored Fair Haven Beach State Park, a beautiful place with somewhat run-down facilities. Big beach, hills overlooking the lake, marina. There are now some yellow leaves blowing around.

In Taco Bell in Oswego I hear some kids talking about shopping in Buffalo. I realize how far my mental state is from theirs.

But not so far – I finally am able to indulge in a movie! A guy with a sixties rock’n’roll print shop stowes my bags for me. Bob at J.J.’s prints seems to understand. I watch The 13th Warrior, a myth about an Arab ambassador among Norsemen. Nothing serious, a sugar fix. Ah.

After that I shop and have ice cream. Every urge is sated (almost=). Stocked up for the mountains I ride a few miles and stop to explore a rest area and decide my route. I pick the southern route because the roads look more dependable, and a local says traffic isn’t heavy there. I almost camp, but choose to forge ahead.

Around dark I spot my overgrown track leading into the woods. It leads to a field, then a sparse maple forest. I venture a little ways into the forest – a little spooky and dark, but secluded. After pitching the tent, my lighter scares something noisily away, getting my heart going. It kind of made a flapping noise, which allowed me to enjoy the adrenaline rush without really worrying too much. The stars are out and I feel very alive.

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