Day 74

Geneva, OH to PA-NY State Line
$43 :: Book, photos, bike parts, BF, lunch, coffee, fruit
79.05 mi :: 6.19 hr :: 34.3 mph :: 12.5 mph :: 5122 mi

Kids were waiting for the bus when I woke up on the porch. I rode back to the coast, through the carnival town of Geneva-on-the-Lake, to Ashtabula for breakfast. Got a little irritated there by people’s questions. Reminded me of Jeremy, who said he was fed up and just avoided people.

In Conneaut I thought I should stop to repair my broken spoke, but they had no bike shop.

I continue into Pennsylvania, appreciating a few hilltop views. The road is surrounded by vineyards now, the air smells like mild grape candy.

I reach Camella on the phone – we have both had urges to call bill, but Bill has no phone. She’s happy and I feel relieved and warmed talking to her.

In Erie I come close to fulfilling my urge to see a movie, but alas have too much to do. I eat lunch, buy a book, drop film off for processing, borrow tools and replace 7 badly damaged spokes, true the wheel, pick up pictures, relax for a bit with a coffee and flirt with the girl working at the coffeehouse. Would still have stayed for a movie with her, but she wasn’t interested (I assume from her reaction to conversation, not by actually asking).

Finally a tailwind, I fly glee fully through the rest of Pennsylvania, reaching the state line campground at dark. No one is in the office, so I set up under a tree and eat Ramen noodles and fresh plums in the dark.

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