Day 72

Pemberville, OH to Huron, OH
$27 :: Campsite, BF, lunch, ice cream
62.36 mi :: 5.26 hr :: 21.0 mph :: 11.4 mph :: 4945 mi

I miss a turn first thing, which helps me show up in Freemont hungry. A nice bar and grill fixes that. I’m dying for something new to read, but I find no bookstores around. The paper amuses me for a while.

Bike Path

There’s a nice bike path from Freemont to Clyde, then the day gets hot and the head winds return. At first the farmland is pretty, but I get sick of it. 12 miles of ruler-straight Strocker Road leave me exhausted. A snack and some fresh pears from a fruit stand help me to Huron. Then a fresh raspberry milk shake powers me to the wild waves motel and campground as a light rain falls. I’m too beat to object to paying 15 dollars to camp.

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