Day 69

Goshen, IN to Ligonier, IN
$15 :: drinks & dinner with Nathan
20.32 mi :: 1.36 hr :: 26.2 mph :: 12.6 mph :: 4713 mi

It’s hard to say goodbye to Hilda. I had thought I might stay with her one more night, and I felt bad but had to change my mind. I knew I’d probably get drunk and rowdy with Nathan just like the sinful cowboys of her youth. She never mentioned it, but I could see in her eyes the sadness of concern for my soul. A hard goodbye in the bright midday sun.


Nathan and Kathy

A short ride, then joyful greetings as Nathan and his friend Kathy meet me in a park. Nathan and I fall easily into our old patter while he refuses to let me pay for any lunch or drinks. We wander from restaurant to pub. As always I indulge in a few hand rolled smokes. I cream them both at darts twice, heckling them mercilessly. We talked books, computers, life, and dress it with laughter. I managed to buy at least one round. All too soon the evening is here and we must part. A few hugs and thanks, and I tell them I’m off for Vermont. I ride five minutes and stop for ice cream.

Getting dark, middle of nowhere, I follow a sign that says “Public access site. ” I wind up at a beautiful camping spot by a lake. I feel entirely comfortable there in the warm night, under the stars, but my mind is too wound up for sleep. I balance an egg in it.

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