Day 67

Mendon, MI to Goshen, IN
$15 :: BF, tacos, ice cream
51.87 mi :: 4.55 hr :: 25.0 mph :: 10.5 mph :: 4689 mi



On the way to Centerville for breakfast I crossed the longest covered bridge in Michigan, 282 feet I think. A leisurely breakfast ride along county roads. My road ends and I wander South and West on back ways to White Pigeon, Michigan. Improvisational navigation is fun when it works. Then I picked up 131, 20, and 15 to Goshen. It’s early so I scope out the town and call Nathan in Chicago, agreeing to meet Thursday at noon in Rogers Park. I spend some time in the library, then go to meetAunt Hilda. She is in 88 years old, mostly smile. We eat hot rolls, potatoes, carrots, and corn, then wonderful blueberry pie for dessert. I sleep like a baby in the hide-a-bed.

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