Day 63

Beulah, MI

I fell in love with Dewey’s porch today. I could have easily spent the entire day in it’s cool confines fast off half, reading and thinking while the light spills confines himself down through the Beech wood’s canopy, down to the bridges and finally the dog wood. Of course there is art in every corner and nook. Dewey makes lots of pieces with some screened in enclosures that hold ideas – on the porch you feel like you are an idea clambering around in one of his pieces.

Of course I didn’t stay there all day. Dewey and Sandy took me to their favorite places to eat, shop, and ogle art. Our course was sometimes at the mercy of garage and real estate signs, where Dewey and Sandy would sift through rooms of objects and prices with expert minds, making part of their living. As they say, they are in the object business.

Sandy was as I remember, very present but almost painfully quiet. She does, however, extend the confidence of ownership in her domain. Somehow I sense that she’s in indispensable for holding all this together.

Dewey’s good-bye the next morning is awkward as usual, whereas sandy gives me a sincere-feeling hug, she’s a really sorry to see me go. I regret not probing a little more to get a better feel for who she is.

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