Day 61

Beaver Island, MI to Rapid City, MI
$5 :: coffee, ice cream
38.07 mi :: 2.39 hr :: 26.6 mph :: 14.3 mph :: 4299 mi

A stuttering goodbye-at last when I am on the boat and Mom on the dock we both run out of words. We wave and part.

I read and wander the boat with hungry eyes, looking for someone to talk to. No one interests me. All day I feel the fierce need to connect with someone. It’s not to be. The fear returns the same as in Martinez, California and washes over me. I’m on my own again. I savor it.

I make the unfortunate decision to stop the park in rapid City for dinner. A lightning storm soon descends and I retreat to a shelter. At one point I look up and lightning strikes right in front of me, maybe one hundred yards away. I watch the bolt flash 6 times,then disintegrate into stars as the crack rips the air. Never seen that before.

Finished “On the road. ” Some of the spirit of Dean Moriarty has been added to my journey. He reminds me of Russell Pochop. I feel I’m discovering both this same country and different, both more on my own terms and less. More sane, and madder by far

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