Day 56

Makinac Trail, MI to Harbor Springs, MI
$30 :: BF, ice cream, ferry
67.72 mi :: 6.08 hr :: 33.3 mph :: 11.0 mph :: 4233 mi

Nice ride to St. Ignace. Was lured into a restaurant there by an “all-you-can-eat BF buffer” sign. Had a filling, rather boring, meal.

I was a little put off by the price of ferry tickets, but decided to make a day of it. Mackinac Island is really a pretty neat place, & I enjoyed the experience of a carless atmosphere. Rode around the island & found another treasured secluded reading spot, where I relaxed by the sparkling blue water. Feel freer & somehow released from the worries of time & budget constraints. I am in command & will make my way.

Bike shop in Mac. City had recumbents but no front tire for me. Recommended Harbor Spgs.

The shoreline roads around Wilderness Park are orbited by dunes & extremely inviting beaches. Took a refreshing swim & appreciated other bathing beauties.

In Cross Village tried to call Mom’s friends Laura & Rand, not home. There was a lovely German m�dchen on the phone next to me tho – I completely by accident found myself looking right up her dress due to the position she sat in. She was unaware or unconcerned.

Hiway 119 is gorgeous – the first that feels like it goes in the wood rather than through the woods.

Met a cyclist named Lance who invited me to tent in his back yard in Harbor Spgs. He’s the archetypal Bill Murray/failed inventor character – everything about him & his house is disheveled & great ideas are under construction. My guess is that he’s from a rich family – he showed me pics of his sailboats in FL & his ice boat. We talked about putting a sail on a bike.

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