Day 55

Richard’s Landing, Ontario to Makinac Trail, MI
$9 :: snacks, lunch, toll
95.59 mi :: 7.13 hr :: 28.4 mph :: 13.2 mph :: 4165 mi

Saying goodbye is sad. Didn’t enjoy leaving the Reynolds this morning. They took many pictures – remember to ask for some.

The guy at Vern’s bike shop looked for a front tire for me with no luck.

Go online this time at Lake Superior State University library. Enjoy writing the reports from the road.

Planned to make miles on the Interstate (75), but encountered a sign declaring me illegal. Frustrated, attempted to make my way S on side roads. Wound up in sand pits & dead ends. More frustrated, returned to S.S.M. & got on a state hiway (129), & went the long way. M-48 was nice even tho it had no shoulder, & I am camped on the scenic Makinac Trail that continues to St. Ignace.

Left a message for Carol Beukema & called back, but no one home.

Still suffering occasional bouts of queasiness. Hope I’m not pregnant

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