Day 54

Richard’s Landing, Ontario

Cynthia got very close to her undergrad degree, but never finished. She seems determined to enjoy the life of a homemaker, but I think she’s a little too feisty to really sink into it. She bakes, cans, socializes, keeps a very orderly house. Putting effort into getting into the Island’s social circles. But her real interest seems to be world travel, for which she is dependent on Phil & his job as a forestry researcher for the Canadian government.

The kids both have Phil’s coloring, but otherwise they are polar opposites – Trevor small and energetic, Ben large and laid back.

Phil is interested in Cynthia’s family. She says he doesn’t have any family left alive, but didn’t offer details. Phil raised some interesting points about G. Amy’s “Winding Trails,” especially wondered why she was so determined to refuse help from the Sudermann family after Jasha died.

Both described Aunt Mary, recalling her odd ways and absorptive reveries. When we discussed the issue of mental illness in the Greaves family, which they seem to agree is evident, they thought Aunt Mary may have shown signs. They also agree that this may be something the Enss sisters tend to cover up.

Cynthia described her last memory of my mom, at the reunion in ’53 (’55 really). Mom apparently beat her up, pounding her head. She laughs, saying Carter & Julie were the ones she got along with best. Saw Julie not too long ago.

They are casually religious. Cynthia expressed that the Island tends to be a bit more evangelical than she is comfortable with. But, she’s determined to give the kids a religious education. I imagine there will be some things to work out. They gave me no pressure at all. During a show on space exploration, Phil mused that maybe there’s nothing “out there,” and if so that would give Christianity more significance. I didn’t say too much, but spoke in favor of exploration. I think it is important to reach and look, always. The direction is yours to choose.

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