Day 52

Engadine, MI to Garden River, Ontario
$20 :: BF, tacos, ice cream, espresso, internet time
99.51 mi :: 7.56 hr :: 30.1 mph :: 12.5 mph :: 4042 mi

Winds from the SW blew me right along today. Rained during the night, most of the day the sky was painted w/ deft strokes of gray & steel blue. Sometimes low clouds raced over the road like a sped-up movie.

Blimey State Park was another sublime place to break – again private lakeside spots.

Wasted a bunch of time today in both Sault Ste. Marie’s, mostly trying to get online to find Cynthia’s # which I had all along. Somehow it was fun to just fart around a bunch tho. Finally called her after 8 PM, after sipping cappuccino and chatting with Nathan on the net for awhile.

Another pleasantly long interview at the border with a gorgeous brunette immigration officer. Also was a tough-looking bearded guy there getting searched who had hiked the Continental Divide Trail.

Helpful people – the guy at Vern’s bike shop agreed to try all the dealers in town to get me a new front tire for when I come back through on Thursday.

Stomach a little queasy today – I think from ingesting bug spray which is leaking all over the place.

Camped right near Highway 17 at somebody’s little fishing dock in the trees. Almost camped on the Garden River Reservation (Ojibway), but the signs succeeded in scaring me off. (Will be prosecuted under the by-laws of the Nation, etc…)

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