Day 50

Nelma, WI to Escanaba, MI
$32 :: BF, grocs, snacks, tacos, campsite
112.5 mi :: 9.11 hr :: 35.2 mph :: 12.2 mph :: 3842 mi

It’s late, so briefly:

Damn steep little hills in border area

Saved by GAASKA caf� from starvation

Talking with lots of people:

Marilee at the bar in ? P.P.’s. Feels there’s a drug problem in the area.

3 folks outside the Knotty Pine Caf� who have kids that cycle

2 cyclists road dawgin’ it to their home Newport, OR. Good energy, happy to see them. Talked in Taco Bell to Claire and Marvin.

2 kids at the campground. They bike, swim, jump on the trampoline & play with the computer for fun

Lots of small stops, some good reading.

Could have gotten away with not paying the $8 for camping, but didn’t try.

Many thoughts. Later.

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