Day 48

Birchwood, WI to Glidden, WI
$17 :: pizza, beer, grocs
83.11 mi :: 6.55 hr :: 27.2 mph :: 11.9 mph :: 3611 mi

Finished the Journals of Lewis & Clark today. It has influenced the trip in a hundred ways, imparting to me some of the boldness, endurance, and intelligence that went into their great accomplishment. It also highlights the indulgences that are ever-available to me, and impossible for them to imagine. When the rain was getting to me today, I succumbed to the urge to stop for pizza & beer. I created the rationale that I would camp free tonight, no matter the cost in suffering, and so could spend the $12 on scrumptious food. Ironically, it was while I enjoyed my beer & waited that I finished the good Captains’ work – then celebrating their return to civilization in a like manner.

Earlier, just as the rain began, I enjoyed the hospitality of a vacationing Wisconsin family. The invitation came from Ruth, who was desperate for someone new to talk to. I was then monopolized by her husband Eugene and brother-in-law Walter. They gave me a little food, coffee, and a hot shower that left me smelling really good. Standing in the hot shower and looking out the window at the falling rain was a pleasant illusion.

Shoving off into the rain after the pizza was especially hard. Then I got into it again, appreciating the sights, colors, and smells of the rain world.

As I approached Glidden it started to really pour – the heaviest rain I’ve experienced yet. I took shelter under some covered picnic tables & plan to attempt an overnight here.

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