Day 47

Marina on St. Croix, MN to Brichwood, WI
$41 :: Lunch, ice cream, grocs, campsite
97.27 mi :: 8.16 hr :: 34.6 mph :: 11.7 mph :: 3528 mi

Very humid all day. Hazy & overcast morning & afternoon, clear & hot midday. Some tailwinds today.

Developing a serious Dairy Queen habit.

Wisconsin is hilly, predominantly deciduous forest, spots of free-growing prairie common, mysterious black water bogs, dairy, corn, beans, & other farms. Saw my first hops plantation.

Though the map said it was suited only for mountain bikes, I try the Toscobia State Trail. Pretty tree-covered lane through fields and bogs. A few tough spots, hills & mud & blowdowns force me to stop while mosquitoes close in immediately for the kill. Pretty at 5+ mph. I got very dirty.

Came into Birchwood, shopped, found the park. Had hoped for free camping, but got sacked for $12 again. Even had to pay a quarter to shower.

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