Day 46

Northfield, MN to Marina on St. Croix, MN
$61 :: Brake pads, back tire, Japanese gardens, lunch, lots of ice cream
84.91 mi :: 6.53 hr :: 28.5 mph :: 12.3 mph :: 3430 mi

Hugs and goodbyes outside the Sudermann’s shortly after 8 and a yummy BF of fruit, cereal, coffeecake. Then those crazies chased me down about 10 miles up the road to give me my soap back, which I forgot.

A beautiful day for riding, tiny N winds, clear sky.

Crucial that I find a new back tire during the day. Also would like to contact Nancy Preckshot.

The roads into Minneapolis are very nice, most have bike paths. Near the airport it gets even better Ft. Snelling St Pk, I truly regret not having time to explore the fort itself, it looked really neat. Forested bike path to city park bike path. Fail to reach Nancy.

Cross the Mississippi, then through lots of neat little St. Paul businesses like “Mairzy Doats,” and “Succotash Thrift Shop.” Burritos for lunch, fail again to reach Nancy.

At Como Park I pay $1 to get into the conservatorium. Too many exotic plants. Remember at least fig, eucalyptus, bamboo, olive, blood banana. Then toured the Japanese Gardens, designed by a Japanese gardener from St. Paul’s sister city Nagasaki, using native Minnesota trees & plants. Wonderful. A volunteer gives me tour of the tea house, which brings back the tea ceremony I attended at the Lama Foundation once. The peaceful effect is so nice, so pronounced. I donate another dollar.

I find a bike shop, get a good tire, replace front brake pads, tighten front hub, adjust front derailleur. Ah.

Bike path all the way out of town, one last call to Nancy fails. The day finishes smooth & nice.

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