Day 42

Big Sandy Lake, MN to Ann Lake, MN
$28 :: BF, campsite, ice cream
91.57 mi :: 7.16 hr :: 23.7 mph :: 12.5 :: 3194 mi

Most events disagreeable today. Mosquitoes were waiting this morning as I guessed. Was ready to cook BF anyway, but the lighter was wet & didn’t work. So I ate a peanut butter banana & packed up.

The one good part of the day was BF in Palisade, yum. I knew I’d regret spending the $, but it was worth it!

Started heading S into headwinds the rest of the day. None of the towns had an inviting place to break (except the DQ in Aitkin, of course). Kept looking for a place to sit & eat lunch, maybe stretch. Had to settle for sneaking onto a resort w/ a view of Mille Lacs lake & eating on the bike.

There was only one campground in the right vicinity. I had a feeling they would rob me. Would have camped in the bush, but was short on water & wanted a table to fix some things on & rest. Sure enough, $20 to sleep on rocks. No interest in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi, too tired to try to squeeze any pleasure out of it.

Lost a roll of film today – some moisture had got in the camera & it still isn’t working right. I literally paid in blood (mosquito bites) for some of those shots. I think when it dries out I’ll be able to get the camera working again. Must be careful not to let it stay wet too long.

My Minnesota map got wet & fell apart, but I think I can still get to David Sudermann’s.

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