Day 41

Grand Rapids, MN to Big Sandy Lake, MN
$172 :: BF, phone card, coffee, box, bike parts, postage, lunch, tape recorder, campsite
42.1mi :: :: :: :: 3102 mi

Tired. Big day for errands. Bike running beautifully after cleaning, adjustments, repacking front hub, new rear derailleur cable. Bike shop let me use their tools in their back yard. Spent a lot of time there.

Mailed package to mom, bought food. Skipped the library duties, figured I’d do it at David’s. Bought a tape recorder to record family conversations.

Nice little ride, tailwind, fantasy-inspiring lines of trees, hilltops. Stopped for a photo by the M. River & was nearly consumed by mosquitoes. Sign of things to come. The campground is alive with them. Had a dozen bites before I was off the bike. Out w/ the DEET & long clothes, fast.

Had to pay $12 to camp here, tried to make the best of it. Went for a swim to the tune of about 35 more bites. Showers were nice, only a couple bites there.

While cooking dinner saw a flash of lightning up north. Couple minutes later looked at the water & saw a wall of rain coming at me fast. Then everything was instantly soaking wet. It passed, and the mosquitoes came out again. Finished cooking & ate in the tent. About 50 got in w/ me & hunted them down for a while. Tiring & unpleasant. God knows what the morning will be like. At least it only got a little wet in here.

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