Day 40

Lake Itasca St Pk, MN to Grand Rapids, MN
$50 :: Lunch, ice cream, room
123.01 mi :: 8.28 hr :: 31.1 mph :: 14.5 mph :: 3060 mi

Fun day. Waded the Mississippi headwaters, then followed the river all day. More beautiful backroads.

In Bimidii, blew my chance to talk w/ an attractive lone female tourist. She’s coming the other way, I wave & start talking to her. She says, “I’d love to talk, but I really have to pee.” Taken off guard, I say OK, & ride on. Then, feeling committed to my action, I can’t turn around and follow her. Argh! I won’t blow another chance like this, if it comes along.

Nice tailwind, reach my camp at 2:30 and don’t feel like staying. So enjoy the next 30 miles to Grand Rapids.

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