Day 39

Callaway, MN to Lake Itasca St Pk, MN
$26 :: lunch, campsite
68.2 mi :: 5.47 hr :: 27.6 mph :: 11.7 mph :: 2937 mi

Had planned on a lazy morning. Slept ‘till 7, was going to cook oatmeal for a change but packed up instead I remembered I was out of gas. Ate a banana.

Lots of neat little county roads. Hills, logs, forests, everything emerald green. So many different trees, bewildering. Tamarack wildlife refuge was especially pleasing. A little roadside blurb on how the Indians sold the land for timber & eventually the government got it again.

Got hungry. Wanted a caf�, but only a lodge there, so ate a peanut butter & cream cheese cinnamon-raisin sandwich & some candy. Still hungry, ate a package of fig bars.

Some less interesting terrain, construction, then into Itasca State Park. Really pleasant twisty road through trees & tiny lakes.

Lunch at the restaurant, lasagna, coleslaw, and hot fudge pound cake, left me still hungry. More candy.

A great 2-mile nature walk, learned lots of new plants: White Ash, Red Pine, Daisy Fleabane, Balsam Fir, White (stinky) Spruce, Paper Birch, Yellow Birch, Pitcher Plant, Rattlesnake Fern, Fairlady Fern, Glacial Erratic (rocks), Sugar Maple, White Maple, Mountain Maple, Red Oak, Ironwood.

Nice bike path thru the park. Balked for a long time at paying $12 for a campsite, but had no real alternative. Did laundry in the shower to get even.

Big appetite again at dinner. Knowing that my carbohydrate intake has been good, ate lots of peanut butter for protein. Feel nearly insatiable.

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