Day 38

Aruthur, ND to Callaway, MN
$24 :: Coffee, lunch, ice cream, grocs
86.7 mi :: :: :: :: 2869 mi

Slept in. No wind, seemed like a long ride into Fargo. Checked the PO, no mail. Had some much-needed veggies on a sub for lunch. Then a yummy espresso.

At the Library caught up with one of the lone female riders – Kerry. Nice to chat w/ another tourist for a while. She went from Env. Sci. in college to organic farming, riding for an educational boat (sail) org. on the Hudson called the Clearwater.

Pigged out more on burritos & ice cream. At the Dairy Queen a kid asked me for my autograph. His name was Shawn Gode. I signed ‘from the great roundup recumbent bicycle tourist.’ Occurred to me that ‘Roundup’ might be a fitting road name. Also made me reflect on how I would handle it if my ride gets any publicity. What are the values I ride for? Exploration, personal reward, and a new family culture.

Headwinds out of Fargo. Rode leisurely. More trees, some lines of hills visible. In Hitterdal asked the store owner if they have lakes (sluices) rising here like in ND. He said some, but not as bad as there. He thinks its from increased rainfall in recent years, and farmers clearing timber.

More kids in Callaway. I like these better tho – three White Earth Indians and two white kids. They’re smarter, but also more jaded. 9-11 years old, I think they smoke cigarettes and know about pot and other drugs. I told them to take their time growing up and enjoy being kids.

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  1. I’m rereading your adventure for some inspiration of my own. FYI, the Clearwater is a sailing sloop whose travels educate the public about the Hudson River’s environmental state. It was started by Pete Seeger, the (in)famous folk singer who tried to cut the power to Bob Dylan’s first electric performance with an axe. 😉

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