Day 37

New Rockford, ND to Arthur, ND
$15 :: BF, lunch, ice cream
123.6 mi :: 7.3 hr :: :: 16.5 mph :: 2783 mi

Tailwinds again! My average above is estimated cause I accidentally reset the real one, but I was movin’.

Saw evidence of more rising water. A road was closed, partway under water, and some farm equipment in another area was partially submerged.

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I came upon a lake filled with pelicans! Thought I’d misidentified them. Also saw herons & cormorants. Pulled into McHenry & asked a local at the caf� about them. Sure enough, pelicans and cormorants appear in the area seasonally in large numbers. He thought there might be a preserve for them in the vicinity. Sour-mannered Lois made me the best tasting breakfast I’ve had on the trip. Finished off with a perfect slice of Rhubarb pie.

That fuel got me happily to Cooperstown, where I gave my dad a birthday call & mom a welcome home call. Lots of news from each, nice to talk w/ family for awhile.

Stopped in Hope for a sandwich and ice cream, having fun with the extra speed the tailwind allows by making more stops.

Checked out Page but decided to make use of the wind & go to Arthur. Upon arrival at the city park found I was at the mercy of a bunch of local kids. Gave rides and answered a million-billion questions before I finally retreated to my tent. In answering their questions I use the maps to teach tem a little geography. They seem to like seeing me trace out my story & relate it to where they live.

Will hit Fargo fairly early tomorrow – may find a bike shop & investigate a transient squeak in my front hub.

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