Day 35

Makoti, ND to Towner, ND
$15 :: Tacos, ice cream, postage, campsite
94.04 mi :: 7.22 hr :: 23.3 mph :: 12.7 mph :: 2555 mi

Under attack by commando mosquitoes while I packed up this morning. The are small here, active predawn and post-sunset, and they go for blood – no funny business. Motion at 10 mph or more is the best defense.

Winds out of the north and northeast all day. Route traveled north and east. Oh well.

Arrived in Minot tired, hungry, lonely, down. Considered getting a room, closing the shades, and watching TV the rest of the day. Then I chatted over the internet w/ friends in Chicago, got the latest on Camella’s love life, had a lunch of burritos, ate ice cream, and felt much better. Back on the road had a nice surge of energy from the ice cream.

Stopped at another nice small town city park campground. Towner is a cattle town, whereas Mikoti was a grain town.

Met an eastbound couple touring: Andy and Limore. Told funny stories of rowdy Def Leppard fans in Minot at the state fair. They headed on to Rugby, but I may catch up with them tomorrow.

Have been getting odd bits of news of a lone female cyclist ahead of me. I now think there are two: one bound for Massachusetts, and one, Karie, New York. Karie I think I’m closer to catching, but will probably lose both in Minnesota.

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