Day 32

Hindsdale, MT to Culbertson, MT
$10 :: BF, iced mocha
132.3 mi :: 8.55 hr :: 33.5 mph :: 14.8 mph :: 2303 mi

Decided to take Kevin’s advice & go for Culbertson. Reinforced by other as a Good Idea.

During the night local high school kids come to the CG to blare music & party. After a while I give up on sleep, introduce myself, and they make me a Calvert & Dr. Pepper. They rule the town as there are no police here. They spend time water skiing & partying, going to concerts, & some school sports. They hang out till about 12:30, then I go back to bed. Later some girls shine their headlights on the tent & honk, but I’m too dead to respond. Amazing.

Manage to get on the road about 6:45 AM. Caf� gives me good food in Nashua, just before the Ft. Peck reservation, 11 AM, 42 miles down. After that I go for Wolf Point, thinking about what to put in my Report from the Road. On arrival in Wolf Pt go straight to Kevin’s sister Melody’s & as for some internet time, trying not to bug her too much. I think we’d get along, but she’s busy. I do my stuff on the net.

It’s really hot, so I stop for an iced mocha. Yum.

In Poplar, which has the worst reputation, I talk to some kids while they check out my bike. Don’t get much out of them, but they’re nice. Don’t know if they’re Dakota Sioux or Assiniboine. One drunk wanders by with a bottle, but he’s friendly enough.

In Brockton, another pair of kids ride up & ask about the bike. They’re going swimming in the Missouri & invite me along. Reluctantly I refuse know I have limited tailwind left. I’m tired & I have a big hill to climb. That swim still sounds good.

First hill done, find some shade, snack , hydrate. Then tackle the rest of them. Coast into Culbertson at last, a sleepy, pretty town. Free city park campsite. May be recovering from minor heat exhaustion.

Met another perimeter-riding couple, Heidi & Dick, camped here, going the same direction as me on a tandem. Heidi approaches & chats, Dick doesn’t. Too bad, couples are harder to hang out w/ than friends. I’m wishing I’d run into folks like Larry & Roger again.

Sposed to hit 100 F tomorrow. Ride early, take it easy.

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