Day 29

Del Bonita, Alberta to Chester, MT
$5 :: campsite, espresso, ice cream
114.2 mi :: 7.45 hr :: 36.8 mph :: 14.7 mph :: 1974 mi

7:30AM: riding. Unsure of wheat germ breakfast.

8AM: Water at Del Bonita store, sign bike book.

8:30AM: no hassle border crossing.

11AM: Cut Bank. B-day card from Eileen, choc cake from Pete. Celebrate in park. Library closed – no web update.

2PM: Shelby – bad cappuccino. Northerly winds help & hinder. Miles go by.

3:30: “Wheel On In” store. Great ice cream, conversation, guest book.

6PM: Chester. Camp w/ bike tourist Noel at city park. Helps me finish cake. Nice place.

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