Day 28

Crooked Creek, Alberta to Del Bonita, Alberta
$17 :: groceries
78.26 mi :: 5.47 hr :: 37.7 mph :: 13.5 mph :: 1860 mi

Felt like I slept late, but was on the road by 8 AM. Cool, still, clear morning. Miles flew by to Magrath, esp. when the day grew hot & I got a tailwind.

Bought grocs in Cardston on the credit card w/ no trouble. Mountains getting smaller, smaller behind me. Incredible panoramas of an endless string of snowy peaks, from south Glacier in the U.S. to mysterious Canadian Rockies far north. Vast, vast fields of wheat, barley, & canola.

Filled up w/ water & turned South at Magrath at noon, the day grew more difficult. Uphill, crosswinds, even headwinds. Lonesome prarie, hot. Got tired & just sat in the grass by the road, eating lunch, drinking precious water.

4PM: Arrived at Del Bonita community campground on the N. Fork Milk river, tired & hot. It’s in the middle of the prairie, no one around. Dunked & washed in the river, named for its glacial silt. Ran around the CG in my skivvies, dripping, hanging wash.

Whiled away the afternoon with another lunch, reading, nap, stretching, thought. Pleasant. Short on water, thirsty. The town of Del Bonity is 5 mi away, will refill there.

Sore legs from mountain climbing.

About a million birds live in mud nests under the bridge. They clatter and fill the big blue sky when a car goes over.

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