Day 22

Sandpoint, ID to Bull River, MT
$58 :: Breakfast, postage, coffee, bike parts, grocs
63.07 mi :: 7.1 hr :: 39.6 mph :: 8.7 mph :: 1447 mi

Roger was sick w/ a kidney stone all night. Poor guy. I was laughing at him cause I thought it was the buffet. Our stomachs all sounded like a chorus of toads in the bubbling swamp singing the free buffet blues. But Roger’s cramps continued all night. About 5AM he went to the emergency room across the street & had it diagnosed. He was back at 8, drugged and ready to sleep. We went to BF, shopping, & when we came back at 9:30 he had passed it.

Roger got the room for one more night, I did my errands, packed up, played on the unicycle at the bike shop for a long time, said my goodbyes, & hit the road at noon.

Lewis Fork


Great riding. Pretty, miles went fast along the Lewis Fork River to Cabinet Gorge Reservoir, where I couldn’t resist having a snack and lying in the sun for a while.



Pulled into Bull River CG at 5 (time change!). Went back & forth about spending $7 for a campsite. Decided no when I didn’t have correct change. Not any clear alternatives ahead, I continued depressed. The nice weather and fresh-looking mountains cheered me up after a few miles. Then I saw a national forest access sign, rode a few miles in, and found a nice private spot to camp. Free =).

Now, after dinner, it’s thunder and heavy rain. Ah, the mountains.

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