Day 21

Newport, WA to Sandpoint, ID
$38 :: breakfast, room, beer, (free dinner), coffee
38.58 mi :: 6.22 hr :: 34.1 mph :: 6.0 mph :: 1384 mi

7AM: Up before Larry & Roger. Make myself busy, eat breakfast, read.

8AM: Larry & Roger awake & pack up, head to Newport for breakfast. I decide to hang w/ them & eat another BF, be patient.

9AM: We get underway, L & R following me as I have the best map.

Ride: Trucks, some rain, nesting birds are large hawks, eagles, or vultures. Easy riding, bit of a headwind.

On hiway 95 there is a really nice bike path, followed by a full-on bike highway across the lake into Sandpoint. Heavy rain.

1:20PM: Starbucks, L & R agree to split a room w/ me. All are disappointed when I fail to make a date w/ an attractive blonde forest service hippie who shows interest in me.


The Best Motel offers us a basement room for $55, we take it. He tells us where to get free dinner. After doing my errands, we meet there. It’s the All-You-Can-Eat-Complimentary-Grease-Buffet. BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Beans, Potato, Salad, Coleslaw. For some reason I feel moved to try the chicken. Jury is still out on how the digestive tract will handle it.

Nice riding around Sandpoint, a pretty, bike-friendly town. Don’t see my blonde friend again.

Now laundry & sleep, perhaps.

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