Day 20

Flodelle Creek, WA to Newport, WA
$14 :: food, beer, 1/3 campsite
69.45 mi :: 9.1 hr :: 36.9 mph :: 7.5 mph :: 1345 mi

6:30AM: Nature calls – up early. Little walk, not too interesting.

9AM: start the day w/ Larry & Roger.

10AM: We stop for coffee & cinnamon rolls at this tiny store, touring cyclists converge on it, soon there are six or seven of us. We talk shop. I continue w/ L & R, enjoy their company – they are experienced tourists w/ stories & advice. They’re both convinced by the recumbent.

12PM: Light rain.

1PM: Lunch, burritos.

2PM: Heavier rain, fat city, ice cream, bad road

4:45PM: Newport, L&R each buy me a tasty Moose Drool beer.

6PM: Gleeful ride to CG outside town. Back for pizza, back again.

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