Day 14

Clinton, WA to Deception Pass, WA
$60 :: Bike parts, food, campsite
56.04 mi :: 15.6 hr :: 37.8 mph :: 3.6 mph :: 901 mi

Tried to take Jim, Debra & her kids to breakfast but only Jim let me pay, & he didn’t have much.

Went to the bike shop, Velocity Cycles, and they treated me great, letting me use tools & giving me pointers. I got my smaller climbing gear, some extra cables, replaced my middle chainring, and cleaned the chain. They gave me some dry lube for free, which I used once and lost after forgetting to zip a pocket. Duh. Also got a bike map of the island & decided on a longer but safer & more scenic route back north.


It was after 7 PM when I got to Deception Pass, so I camped at the state park here. Ran into an English guy traveling by bus & train w/ a backpack, Steve. A little cynical, but I enjoy giving him rides on the bike and spending the evening with him. He talks a little too much, but we have a lot in common. I help him out with a little food & my camp gear – he’s not as well equipped for camping. We down a couple pints of Beck’s on the beach as the sun goes down. Was that a killer whale that surfaced way out there?

So didn’t start east at all today. Tomorrow.

People have been admiring & encouraging about my endeavor – feels good.

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